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  1. Welcome back to school everyone! How’s the food so far this fall? Is there something special you’re craving?

    … Got a favorite family recipe you’d like us to replicate, just to make Cloister feel a little more like home?

      • Hi Scott,
        We most surely can have Cider, we get it from Terhune Locally, truly the best. We actually had a supply problem with Chocolate, so I am looking to other vendors..should have it soon. Cider..and maybe some of those donuts by Tuesday..

  2. Can we have calzones on a separate night from member’s night? I still like steak!

    So, in other words… calzones AND steak every week?

    Also can we get different apples–like golden delicious or gala or fuji?

    • Hi Tim,
      We can have calzones on another night, it’s just such a fav I thought I’d run it on the ‘Fav’ night of the dining week!
      I have a new produce person and their apple sourcing has not been the best. I am working with him on other varieties and we should see those soon.Keep an eye out…

    • Hi Charlie,
      Cider donuts are on the way, we’ll get them Tues and Thurs…Apple juice is at the machine except at dinner when we sub in that Strawberry Kiwi drink..

    • Hi Hannah, So glad you enjoyed!! It was Connie’s Idea, a good one at that..It’s fun to try different things… Keep those suggestions coming!

    • Hi Jared,
      You’re hitting a funny bone here.. A dear friend of mine from Atlanta gave me a can about two years ago telling me ‘The students would LOVE them at the club’! In all honesty..I couldn’t bring myself to try sounded (in my skewed opinion..) Awful!
      Well now I’ll have to ‘fess up to Joe that there is a REQUEST for same, so I’ll look and see where I can find them.
      Thanks for your request/suggestion ( I think..) (: Alan

      • I’m from Atlanta too, they’re definitely a Southern thing. I admit that they may not look the most appetizing in a can, but they’re delicious!

        • Hi Jared, As I said this is rather funny for me, and I just called Joe, shared a good Laugh.
          So I still have these two cans (they are good thru 2013..), one spicy one regular. Why don’t you stop by at lunch one day and we’ll open both..figure out what you like best, and let the members enjoy!
          Thanks for your suggestion, I look forward to the tasting!
          Have a Great W/E! Alan

  3. Calories. Can we have more calorie-full food options for the athletes in addition to the diet options? Like non-SPLENDA non-lowfat yogurt and full sugar iced tea? Earlier in the year we had real lemonade and iced tea. It was beautifyl

    • Hi Nicole,
      Sorry to be a bit behind, just coming off of Home Coming and heading towards our 100th Gala 11/3!
      I will order sugared up tea and lemonade (the Lemonade is available in the Tap Room anytime you like actually.. on the ‘Soda’ gun..), in the containers as before.. (Oh how I wish I NEEDED calories…(: )
      As for Yogurt, we get all kinds, Greek ++ I’m sure there are ‘normal ones’ in the selection..
      Happy Calories! Alan

    • Hi Molly,
      They are on the menu for next week! I’ll run them a bit more frequently too! (Thanks for all your help with gear and this w/e!) Alan

    • Hi Katya, I’m pretty sure I just ordered some more ‘Tazo Refresh’, I will double check, it may have been out of stock. If so I will have it in mid week. Enjoy!

  4. Hi there,

    Could we potentially get kale as a vegetable (raw or cooked, either works) option, as well as a few more vegetarian protein options (tofu?) more regularly? Thanks so much for your hard work!

    Annie and Sally

    • Hi Anne and Sally (haven’t met too many young Sally’s these days, that was my Mom’s name too..) I will make sure that we have To Fu daily (starting Mon) and look into getting some kale as well. Thanks for your suggestion, and appreciation! Alan

    • Hi Tyler, Yes we served it last year, it was actually the 1st time I had served it in over 15 years! Why…I got a great ‘buy in’ from one of my distributors that was overstocked and had cases that would have gone ‘out of date’ in about a week, so they froze it and discounted it so they could move it. Nothing at all wrong with the Beef just getting close to the ‘end use date’. Usually it is VERY expensive, but I promise to keep looking, I have several vendors. Right now prices will move up as we get closer to the holidays..but just after is ‘Prime(Rib) time for just that kind of situation to occur..if sales over the holidays were a little flat.. Keep your eye on the Menu, I will definitely be working on having it for you.. Alan

  5. Could we possibly re-stock on hazelnut coffee mate? I think I speak for most when I say hazelnut and french vanilla are really the only flavors people want to put in their coffee.

    • Hi Charlie, I’ll make sure that it is in very soon. Hector has been out since Sunday, and usually he gives me details on re stocking these items.Thanks for your suggestion.

    • Hi Ariel,
      I have one supplier for that (rather expensive) comes in on Thursdays.It was in last week, but we will ‘run it out’ this owing to break. We do and will keep a good supply of it..just sometimes getting closer to Tues/Wed it goes (probably out the door in some backpacks..) (:

  6. Can we get the fried green beans again sometime soon? I don’t know what it is about frying things, but It always seems to make them better!

    Happy holidays!

    • Hi Will,
      Yes I will try to get them for members night, they are yummy. With fried food…well…it’s the ‘fat’ transmits flavor like a broadcast!

    • Oh those TEAS!!!!! My goodness I think we have more varieties than Whole foods! (:
      OK, if you don’t see what you’re looking for ask Hector in the Dining room. He may have more in the storage room, I saw a lot of Misc teas when I was in there last.. I will get more Cherrios and Kashi ‘go lean’ soon. The Cherrios by Tues, the other maybe after break, less availability on that..but I will try for soon, guarantee later.. We have Reg granola in stock now..

    • Hi Bill,
      Thanks for the suggestion. I think the stocking issue just needs more attention in the Dining room, I will speak with Hector about staying more on top of it. At the moment I still think keeping it the way it is, is a better option, from both storage, and sanitary use perspectives. Alan

    • ‘What’s Up Doc’?! Yes, I will get the honeycrisp in, and/or the Jazz apples. They are two of my Favs! The season is short, and H/C Quality iffy, but I will jump right on it. Is it true one a day keeps the Dr away?! Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Hi Alan,

    I’m not sure if you take tea requests, but if it’s possible to get some of the Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger herbal tea, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!


    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Of course we take Tea requests..actually a lot! I have to look into my wholesalers (several) lines but I will def be on the lookout to get this.
      You should see some earl next week if it is available..
      Again..thanks for all YOUR good work with your team for the Club.

  8. Can we please get lemon bars for desert, i remember we had they more often last year, i dont think we have had them once yet so far

  9. Hi Alan,
    Thanks for all the delicious food, especially the mashed potatoes! I was just wondering if we could get clam chowder (specifically New England – not Manhattan style) sometime? There was some really amazing chowder homecoming weekend, and I’ve been hoping to see it ever since. Thank you very much!

    • Hi Siobahn,
      Thank YOU for the compliments, much appreciated! I will see that the New England Clam Chowder which is made in house (My recipe’ with Max preparing it perfectly now) from that home coming event will be on for Thursday Members dinner.. Glad you like (one of my favs!) Enjoy!

  10. Could I make two more tea requests? Tazo Organic Chai, and any kind of ginger or lemon ginger tea (especially in this winter weather!). Thank you!

    • Par-Tea on Wayne! I will look into those varie-teas next week with our Bev company..digging out my snow shoes right now!
      Look for them Thurs/Friday?

  11. Can we get Cracklin’ Oat Bran and Honey Nut Cheerios in the cereal rotation? Also it would be nice to have hash browns and/or tater tots again at breakfast.

  12. The Manhattan clam chowder you served at lunch today was really phenomenal. Would definitely like to see it at lunches/dinners more often, please! Thanks

    • So Glad you liked it, turns out we got a few ‘Chowdah’ heads out there! Joe made it himself, and we will be sure to put some up more often.. Thanks! Alan

    • Well Chris..What ‘Bloody good’ Timing.. I was just finalizing a produce order for Thursday and saw your E mail..They will be out Thursday!

    • Hi Rohan,

      Thanks so much, I’m really glad you enjoyed it. It’s not often we can get our hands on fresh reasonably priced Tuna that is of excellent quality (FOREMOST!), but I did some ‘fishing around’ and one of my most trusted suppliers caught a boatload. I will keep an eye open for similar, the winters see less boats going out, but Spring is around the corner…

      • Hey Alan,
        Are you ever able to get your hands on any type of lake fish such as perch, trout, walleye (might be too expensive), ect.?

        • Hi,
          I might get some is pricey, the others not available to me..unless of course your fishing at home then we’ll filet and serve it!
          Fish will be every Friday with respect for Lent for a while… I just might mix it up this Fri if I can get some.. so…
          Keep your (fish) eye out!

  13. Hi Alan,
    Can we get some chocolate ice cream back into the rotation. We use to have it but it looks like it has taken a vacation for a while!

    • The Choc Fro yo went missing from our distributor for a while. We found another so you should see it soon..If you were referring to actual Ice Cream please let me know..I will def order some for this W/E’s Sundaes on Sunday..

  14. Hi Alan,
    I have one last request. Does your super pretzel rep have cinnamon sugar pretzel as an option? Those would be great during lunch!

    • Hi Scott,
      That actually would be up to us in how we finish let’s give it a whirl Thurs/Fri..
      Let me know how that works..
      Thank for the suggestion..

    • Hello Gustave and Kristian!
      So glad you enjoyed the lamb.(love the ‘Play it again ‘Sam/Lamb’ pun!) This is a dish I created many years ago in my restaurant with a cut that was then virtually unknown. It is the top round carved from the leg, the finest cut, as you experienced tonight. Unfortunately others caught on to it, so the price has gone up.. BUT.. seeing as how you two (and apparently from Max who served it so well and saw others enthusiasm..) enjoyed it SO much.. I will bring it back soon!
      Lotsa Lamb Love to you too!
      Your Non Sheepish Chef, Alan

    • Hi Nicole, I’m glad that you’re excited for Wed (I think you’ve got a lot of company!). Our rotation was 1x every 3-4 week, which is about what we can afford, they are pretty expensive and everyone tears through them like barracudas! I’ll see what I can do..
      Enjoy! Alan

  15. Hi Alan,

    I was wondering if there was any way you could shake up the vegetable selection at dinners (especially the broccoli). Maybe cook it in butter? Butter makes everything better, in my (decidedly amateur) opinion. Also, breaded chicken/pork (of the schnitzel variety) is the BOMB. Can we get some of that up in here?


    • Hey Tall Paul, Here’s the deal on veggies… We LOVE to cook everything in Butter..Because ‘Butter makes it Better!’ However.. we don’t because…. MOST of the ladies like things w/o extra fat..simply steamed. SO..If you have a significant group that wishes the same we will make separate batches.. If it’s mostly you or a few.. believe it or not..we will sautee yours to order and it’s not a problem,rather a not hesitate to is a simple act.Oh..and anyone reading this same applies! You really don’t have to be President!

      As for Schnitzle..Def can do. Might there be a little Eastern European tradition here?! Do you like that with a poached egg too?



  16. Just wanted to say that last Thursday’s dinner (steak, ravioli, lava cake) was the best meal I’ve had at Princeton. Please, please, please, have it again…

    Also, could we have french bread for breakfast? Jam + butter + toasted french bread is the most wonderful breakfast I could ask for.


    • Hi Ptongirl, So glad you enjoyed the meal we will do that again!!
      We can have the french bread out after break, bakery orders are in for the week, and it is a short one..Good suggestion!

  17. hi alan,

    thanks for all the delicious meals! i miss the kiwis, they were such a treat. any chance they’ll be back after spring break? also can i suggest more oranges in the fruit selection?

    thank you!

    • Hi Nicole,
      Thank you for the compliment, so glad to hear that you enjoy what we do!
      YES The Kiwis will be back, we are just winding down and In didn’t want to risk waste going into break. I already ordered oranges they should be out Thurs eve!.
      I will keep an eye out for more good ‘hand’ fruit as it comes to market.
      Have a great break and keep those suggestions coming!

    • Hi Meredith, I’m so glad you LOVE our food!!! Yup…that pasta is pretty RAD huh?(pun intended!) I love the way the sauce gets into all the crevices… We usually use it for our upscale events..
      I think I can get some in on my Monday orde, if so it will be out Monday dinner..if not Def this week… Keep your eye out..
      Enjoy (:

  18. Hi Alan! I loved the BBQ pulled pork buns (or maybe they were beef brisket?) we had at lunch a few days ago (pork lunch day). Hope to see them at lunch again in the near future!

    • Hi Elizabeth, weren’t those yummy?! I’m so glad you liked them, it’s a new product, and I will make sure to get them out again soon!
      Thanks for the feed back..

  19. Hi Alan,
    Thank you very much for all the wonderful food. Now that it’s getting warmer, would it be feasible to get freeze pops?

  20. Hi Alan,
    Just wanted to let me know that the donut burgers were amazing! Also, I have really like enjoyed the pretzels with chocolate sprinkles on them!

    • Hi Scott,
      Glad you like them and the pretzels with Cinn Sugar and Sprinkles (that was ‘Don in the dining room’s’ sure to let HIM know you liked them!).
      Were the burgers your suggestion? I heard they went over big time..we will have MORE this W/E!


  21. Hi Alan,

    Thank you for all the good food! Would it be possible to not have cheesecake or strawberry ice cream quite as much? Vanilla and chocolate and espresso are all really good though!


    • Hi Alex,
      Thanks for the compliment, much appreciated! We will cut out the Cheesecake and strawberry ice cream frozen Yogurt which is what I imagine you are referencing to ..Vanilla and chocolate will preside with the occasional espresso flavor..
      If I misunderstand your request just give me a shout at in order to clarify.. We will get it right, and thanks for lending your voice..


    • Hi Tommy,

      Well I know of honey nut cheerios, and ‘apple jacks’..but I will look into Apple Cinnamon Mon. If the are available to me you will see then Tues/Wed!
      Jam on!

    • Hi Scott,

      Yes indeed! I have an EXCELLENT Polish grocer in Trenton @ the Farmers Market. I will try to get them for next weekend..
      Glad you like them and thanks for the suggestion!


  22. Hi Alan,
    I’m hearing a resounding public outcry for Fruits, either roll up or by-the-foot. Though I know this doesn’t fit with the culture of gustatory excellence that the Cloister Inn works so hard to achieve, I fear that the masses cannot be ignored.


  23. Hi Alan,

    Any chance we could get more of the honey-flavored Greek yogurts? Every loves those and they always go super quickly! Also, caesar dressing for salads? Also very popular.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hey A,
      ‘On the Way’!! We will have more of those honey yogurts in Thurs, and we will make some more of the Caesar dressing. (YES we make it recipe from when I knew the Emperor!!)


  24. Any chance of having a waffle maker at breakfast/brunch? The ones on the buffet aren’t bad, I just miss the ones made fresh at Forbes.

    • Hi Matt, seems like at the end of last year there was little to no interest in the machine so the guys in the kitchen were ‘waffling’ about putting it out again this year..

      You’ll see it out @ Breakfast Tues, thanks to your decisive suggestion.

      Now can you get those guys in Washington to do something?! (:


  25. Hi Alan!

    Any chance we could get Persimmons sometime? Not sure if a lot of people have ever had one or if they’re even in season or not, but I used to eat them at home all the time!


  26. Is there any way to leave the food out until the end of the meal? There have been a few occasions where I’ve run over after class ends at 1:20 and things have been taken away… also after practice at about 7:25, food starts disappearing.

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