And We’re Off!

Greetings inmates,
Looks Like our info tech chairs now have us up and running. I tried to respond to earlier suggestions, and arrgghh they got deleted… Thanks for your good work getting us on track Luis! Well Fall is here, the last of the Jersey tomatoes and corn, the arrival of excellent local apples (check out the honeycrisps!) and pears..we’ll get some caramel, and candy ones too!

We’ll be having an Oktober Fest dinner prior to break, and a ‘Jazz Cafe’ dinner as well..I’ll be working on the details with the officers..stay tuned.. Of course we’ll have a grand Semi Formal on Sat 10/15, and Sunday 10/23 we’ll be hosting members of the Delaware Valley Alfa Romeo Club for their annual Picnic. I am a member of this group, we’ll be here between Brunch and dinner…so do come visit. You will see a fine collection of Vintage Italian autos, one year we had 2 1938 LeMans Race cars… talk about ‘Heavy Metal’!!!

Please keep those suggestions, and visits coming..we love to see you smiling… and bestest wishes to our Jewish Members this week, for a Healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year.

Yours in ‘Good Taste”
Executive Chef Alan Aptner