Fall is in the air …

Hello again Inn Mates,

WOW the fall is upon us (my favorite time of the year..actually I’m more attuned to ‘fall fever’ than spring!), what lovely weather, and harvest season!

So good to see you all enjoying our unique patio outside the D/R doors, those picnic tables are a treat (yes I know we need to fix a few after Frosh week…  ): ).

Meanwhile…look for the last of those FAB JerZ toms (we’re so lucky!),I’m still getting local cukes/zucchs/and corn, along with nearby apples, some of the best you’ll ever taste. Anyone want to visit the farms w/me?

We’ve got some GREAT events coming up…..80’s Semi, with our fab Tortilla chicken, and Our illustrious social chair Alex and I am teaming up for a GREAT Octoberfest (His Idea!!) ahead of home coming.. The Wurst is yet to come! (:

Alrighty…does anyone read this? Please chime in and take good advantage of this avenue..

I hope you all enjoyed Members Night tonight, those Skirt steaks are awesome!
Give the staff your appreciation…