Favorite Memories of Cloister

My first frosh night, my last visit, and every moment in between.

“Hanging out” at the old balcony with clubmates.

Late nights in the hot tub is the favorite non-classified memory I can share.

Houseparty senior year with the girl I married 55 years ago (my present wife).

Dancing to Dion and the Dynamics. What a weekend

Cloister is more of a feeling than a single memory

The legend of the moosehead, and the photos of the
Classes of 1965-66

All things Cloister library.

All the party week-ends with the dates staying in the
bunk beds upstairs some of the time...

Drinking out of the Easterns Cup 3 times in the
Cloister Library

Too many to mention!!!

Dancing with my girlfriend, now my wife of 51 years

My favorite memory is the WPRP guys playing bridge
continuously 24/7 at the card table in the Cloister
(without prayer books).

The very generous way that our housemother, Ms.
Post, mixed the eggnog at Christmas time.

Turning 21 at 80s semi-formal and being surprised
with a huge cake!