Fond “Diue”

….or should I say a Fond Adieu..(:

Well Inmates 2010, is fast coming to a close, Chanukah behind us, Christmas and NewYears only days away.. But post the pleasure of last nights festivities I wanted to take a moment and give thanks…

After all these years (I stopped counting after 30!) it’s still a charge to create such a ‘delicious’ and memorable evening in conjunction with my professional team and the officers. I want to thank Max, Raul, Cindy, Eddy, Hector, Johanna, Yolanda, Chicky, Antonio, Efer, Cathy, Karon, and Mike for their tireless efforts throughout the year, and of course at these special events. I am so proud of this Family, and the cuisine served at Cloister every day. The Dining room team lead by our Head Waitress Dawn, and supported with Captains Josh, Jade, and Zach did an awesome job once again last night serving an elegant seated dinner to nearly 275 very Dapper members and guests. Special Kudos to our retiring’ ‘Top 5’ Barrett, Dave, Alex, Tristan and Phil for their incredible performance as Officers ‘Extraordinaire’, what an outstanding group! I must mention as well the amazing efforts underway by our recruiting chairs in conjunction with our top five, the best I have EVER seen, lead by Alana, and Catherine with the support of Blake,Victoria, and so many others. Our future is in very good hands! Of course the evening would not have been the same without Pat B’s efforts, and Joe’s BT’s did a great job along with our diligent security detail.

Having the opportunity through the evening even as we hustled to prepare and serve one of my favorite banquets, it was great to hear from members how much they were enjoying, to get a little time to speak in person with Sophie, Alan, Ian, Carl, Lauren, Alex, Dave and Jack, not to mention the 1:30 am chat with Barrett and Alexandra M as they took to the mops post festivities, talk about dedication!Not only that…but according to Barrett..there’s a visit to ‘Beirut’ in my future!!

Of course none of this could happen without the unheralded support of our volunteer Graduate Trustees, who along with Gordon keep us in ‘Business’, and now with John in the picture, aimed at a secure future looking forward, along with a more connected experience for our Alums looking back over the years.

So Thanks everyone, it’s still a thrill, and I’m sure that continue it will, with each and every year.┬áMy best wishes to each and everyone of you for a healthy and happy New Year, keep those suggestions coming, and let’s look forward to welcoming our next class joining Cloister in continuing to make memories that last a life time.